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We live in times of deep change, complexity and uncertainty. And it's never been more the time for the Feminine to rise. Despite progress in recent years, women still face significant challenges in the workplace, and in society at large. Women have so much to offer and contribute to our world. Their leadership is deeply needed, alongside men's. Men and women have different gifts, and we need both of them.

For women to reach their full potential, transformation needs to happen from the inside out. I also believe creating a more inclusive and diverse world & workplace requires a concerted effort from everyone. Men have a critical role to play in breaking down the barriers. And I see them as allies. We need our structures to evolve so that women are truly supported to rise.

More women in leadership makes organisations better. In addition to driving bottom-line financial performance, research has also found that more women in leadership roles predicts higher job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation — for people of all genders. It goes  beyond addressing a gender issue, it’s helping the organisation to evolve and be ready for the world that comes next.

Dare to Lead™ for Women in Leadership offers a safe space for women to get closer to their true self and become more confident leaders who make a difference. A space for modern women to explore how to best navigate challenges within the workplace, and to develop the critical leadership skills to effectively guide, influence, and mentor others. 

Whether you're here as a woman, an ally, or an organisation, thank you. It is time, let's journey together.

Why a targeted program for women in Leadership?

Dare to Lead™ for Women in Leadership is a Women’s Leadership Experience based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, author of Dare to Lead™. Unlike other leadership programs for women, Dare to Lead™ for Women in Leadership focuses on the inner workings of female leaders. This is a 4-month bold, multi-phased leadership journey for women that consists of virtual workshops and coaching. This unique format brings together women leaders from different geographies and industries to build a diverse and supportive community.

To complement the original Dare to Lead™ curriculum, I'm offering coaching with a deep understanding of the challenges women face as leaders. The objective is to create a safe environment to remember women their brilliance, and to explore what is holding women back, how to influence from a place of courage and authenticity, build a strategic network, and create greater wellbeing and fulfilment at work and at home.  

This work doesn’t tell women what to do. Instead, they will be guided in embodying and elevating their own unique expression of leadership, so they can lead with courage, depth, and wisdom in all that they do and as a result have a more significant impact on their teams and increased commitment to their organisation. 

What is Dare to Lead™ for Women in Leadership?

“Who we are is how we lead.”

- Brené Brown 


This open enrollment program is experiential and online. Participants will engage in multiple exercises in pairs or group with follow-up group sharing and coaching. Their vulnerability and authenticity will support a richer learning experience for all. 

Women can register as an individual or via their organisation. Group sign-ups are limited to 2 per company.

If you're interested in a customised Dare to Lead™ Women in Leadership program for more than 2 female leaders in your organisation, contact me to explore options.

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I personally know the challenges women leaders can face in the workplace. I learnt through experience and feel now called to support and empower women from a place of learnt wisdom and humility. 

I also know what it means to deliver results. Being a former senior executive I’ve built up a solid expertise in business and my work with leaders and teams draws on my deep understanding of this world and the inner working of an organisation. I also bring 20 years of research in human development and my experience as a professional coach, working with women globally.

Finally the Dare to Lead™ program is rooted in research and has been tested before its launch in more than 50 organizations and with approximately ten thousand individuals who are learning these skills on their own or in teams. It has been found that this process has significant positive impact, not just on the way leaders show up with their teams, but also on how their teams perform.

A program that delivers results.  

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