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Coaching With Me

At various times in our lives, we all need the guidance and support of an independent voice to support us to work out what to do next. For some, this is about leadership – of self and others. For others, it’s finding their voice and the confidence to use it. Sometimes we face some of those life or career crossroad moments, when a new path or fundamental change is needed and we are searching for more meaning, direction and fulfilment. 

My coaching experience with each client is always a unique and meaningful journey. We’ll focus on getting you tangible results where it matters most to you. I will support you on your individual journey whether it is in your professional or personal life. I’ll help you find your answers, move past fear, eliminate roadblocks and build a plan to thrive, no matter what the future holds. I’ll be here to hold you accountable while championing your success along the way. 

Partnering with me, you’ll get 1:1 meetings every week and guidance to keep you on track for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your objectives. In each session you’ll get new awareness, tools, frameworks, strategies and habits to help you on your journey. You’ll also get access to me outside of the sessions when you need it via a private line.

I’m an ICF Professional Coach, certified in Consciousness Coaching®, a methodology that focuses on working with the Being as well as with the Doing of the client. The applied philosophy is based on the ancient credo that all external change begins internally in us. To this end, I touch on inner transformational work to achieve the desired outcomes using proven self-awareness, creation, mindfulness and NLP tools. 

Unlike other coaching programs, we’ll start each of our session with an “Awareness Creation” based on the Consciousness Coaching® curriculum, ensuring that there is always progress, gain in awareness and forward movement for you. Every session has clear goals and intended outcomes and every session builds on the next so you experience a level of learning and development that is very intentional and strategic in its progression. In addition, each session is followed up with a specific action plan designed by you that not only reinforce the session focus, but also allows you to reflect more deeply on whatever emerged for you. Ultimately my goal is to help you succeed over the long term, find meaning and fulfilment, whatever it means for you.

We’ll uncover and break through any limitations that hold you back and work on emotional mastery. Inspired by neurosciences, positive psychology and the field of consciousness overall. I take care of the person on the five interwoven domains of human development: physical, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual. Much of my coaching work teaches clients to become reflective practitioners, stepping outside the pressures of everyday business and looking at their lives with new eyes. 

a distinctive approach

"What I experienced with Annabelle was a holistic journey of personal growth, deeper self-compassion, self-trust, and self-awareness not simply around work, but across all aspects of my life. Annabelle coaches with a unique mix of gentleness, deep getting and non-nonsense. Being coached by Annabelle created fundamental shifts in me where I least expected it and yet where I most needed it. I’m wholeheartedly grateful to have worked with her."

Helen, Business Performance Coach & Trainer

Lauriane, Business Consultant

“I have changed my way of thinking, my way of acting and I have done things that I would never have done without her. The benefits of her work are real because they are deep, persistent in time and benefiting not only me but also people around me. I am so grateful for everything Annabelle brought into my life.”

Karine, Vice President Global Marketing Transformation and Excellence, Fortune 500 company.

“I did coaching before but Annabelle made me reconnect to my higher self in a way that I have never done before. I now feel more aware of who I am, knowing what to do facing uncertainty, and feeling more equipped to connect to my best self. Thank you Annabelle for your precious support. Would not have got there without you.”

Erwan, European Marketing Director Fortune 500 Company

“Whatever your goals or challenges, Annabelle will surely be a terrific partner to address them and help you grow.”

Eileen, Head of Brands
Top 10 FTSE 100 company

“Annabelle helped me to step into the woman I want to become. I will forever cherish this time as one of honesty, learning and love. I don’t think anything will ever equal what she has done.”

Richard, FP&A Director
Fortune 500 Company

“I worked with Annabelle as my coach for two years in a period of tremendous change both at the professional and personal level. Her bespoke approach, genuine interest and ability to provide an alternative perspective was very refreshing. Annabelle’s calm, positive and insightful disposition made my change journey bearable and even exciting. Her guidance on key principles and their application was energising. 
Thanks Annabelle for all your support."

Sarah, C-Suite Executive
Fortune 500 Company

“We're being called to step up and lead, and this world needs more conscious leaders who want to make a difference. During my time with Annabelle there has been an awakening to my true self, my true essence and I'm just eternally grateful to her for our work together.'

Anique, Investment Banking

“Annabelle is a gift. I am now in a different space with so much more confidence and vision. I am grateful to have travelled this piece of road with her – this has been an enriching experience for me both personally and professionally. I cannot recommend Annabelle highly enough.”

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