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Coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level. The speed of transformation goes up dramatically when individuals are being coached one-on-one. Coaching can help an individual, a team, or an organization to unlock their full potential and is the ultimate tool to achieve results – in fact, some of the most successful individuals, companies, and leaders on the planet rely on coaches.

From personalised coaching for individuals to coaching integrated into a development program like Dare to Lead™, I can help you navigate times of change and transform from the inside out. 

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Coaching With Me

I see coaching in organization as a partnership to enable leaders to strengthen their leadership, to deploy their full potential in the service of their own development, their team and the growth of their company. I focus on growing their inner capacity to meet the growing complexity of the global environment. Leaders working with me recognize and cultivate the interdependence of all parties involved for success like team members, peers, stakeholders and clients.
I am results driven and aim to help individuals to lead more authentically, confidently and courageously, being connected to head and heart. 

My coaching experience with each client is always a unique journey. We’ll focus on getting tangible results where it matters most. I’ll help my clients find their answers, move past fear, eliminate roadblocks and build a plan to thrive, no matter how big the challenge they face is.
I’m here to hold them accountable while championing their success along the way. 

Partnering with me, your leaders will get 1:1 meetings every two weeks and guidance to keep them on track for 6 or 12 months depending on their objectives. In each session they’ll get new awareness, tools, frameworks, strategies and habits to help them on their journey. They’ll also get access to me outside of the sessions when they need it via a private line.

I’m an ICF Professional Coach, certified in Consciousness Coaching®, a methodology that focuses on working with the Being as well as with the Doing of the client. The applied philosophy is based on the ancient credo "as within so without". To this end, I touch on inner transformational work to achieve the desired outcomes using proven self- awareness, mindfulness, and creation tools.

Unlike other coaching programs, I’ll start each session with an “Awareness Creation” based on the Consciousness Coaching® curriculum, ensuring that there is always progress, gain in awareness, and forward movement for the individual. Every session has clear goals and intended outcomes and every session builds on the next so that the individual experiences a level of learning and development that is very intentional and strategic in its progression. In addition, each session is followed up with a specific action plan designed by the individual that not only reinforces the session focus but also allows time to reflect more deeply on topics that emerged during the session. Ultimately, my goal is to help my clients succeed over the long term, to find meaning and fulfillment, whatever it means for them. 

a distinctive approach

Karine, Vice President Global Marketing Transformation and Excellence
 Fortune 500 company.

“I did coaching before but Annabelle made me reconnect to my higher self in a way that I have never done before. I now feel more aware of who I am, knowing what to do facing uncertainty, and feeling more equipped to connect to my best self. Thank you Annabelle for your precious support. Would not have got there without you.”

Anique, Investment Banking

“Annabelle is a gift. I am now in a different space with so much more confidence and vision. I am grateful to have travelled this piece of road with Annabelle – this has been an enriching experience for me both personally and professionally. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Erwan, European Marketing Director Fortune 500 Company

“Whatever your goals or challenges, Annabelle will surely be a terrific partner to address them and help you grow.”

Lauriane, Business Consultant

“I have changed my way of thinking, my way of acting and I have done things that I would never have done without her. The benefits of her work are real because they are deep, persistent in time and benefiting not only me but also people around me. I am so grateful for everything Annabelle brought into my life.”

Eileen, Head of Brands
Top 10 FTSE 100 company

“Annabelle helped me to step into the woman I want to become. I will forever cherish this time as one of honesty, learning and love. I don’t think anything will ever equal what she has done.”

Helen, Business Performance Coach & Trainer

"What I experienced with Annabelle was a holistic journey of personal growth, deeper self-compassion, self-trust, and self-awareness not simply around work, but across all aspects of my life. Annabelle coaches with a unique mix of gentleness, deep getting and non-nonsense. Being coached by Annabelle created fundamental shifts in me where I least expected it and yet where I most needed it. I’m wholeheartedly grateful to have worked with her."

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